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Pitfalls to Avoid – Part 2

August 22, 2018

There are many common pitfalls when it comes to life and recovery in particular. Some of these we talk about in our family program, which if you have not yet attended I highly recommend you
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Pitfalls to Avoid – Part 1

June 13, 2018

There are many common pitfalls when it comes to life and recovery in particular. I want to take this series to talk about eight of them as they relate to families and loves ones of
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Our Healing Journey

May 8, 2018

It is natural as humans to be in a perpetual striving for growth. Given this, I want to take this 6-part series to talk about tools that will help you in your healing journey. We
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5 Self Care Tips for Families of Addiction

April 26, 2018

With the days getting shorter and darker and the amount of vitamin D we get from the sun decreasing, many of us are experiencing some symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Because of this, it
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Worrying About Your Loved One In Addiction or Recovery

November 21, 2017

When you love someone who struggles with addiction, it is easy to get caught up in worrying about them. Where are they?

Healing and Moving Forward After Your Loved One Comes Home from Treatment

September 25, 2017

If you are reading this program, your loved one is possibly fresh home from his stay here at SCHC, and there is still much work to do to heal hurts and move forward from the
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Encouraging Authorship After Your Loved One Returns Home

August 23, 2017

We know that having authorship over one’s life is the only way to attain meaning and purpose in one’s life. We also know that the best way to stave off addiction is by leading a
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Drinking Habit, Relapse, & Bargaining: Common Questions from Families in Addiction

July 26, 2017

How do I Tell the Difference Between a Drinking Habit or Problem? I am going to answer this question assuming that by “problem” you mean addiction. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between
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Facts About Relapse

May 25, 2017

Facts About Relapse For families with loved ones in recovery from addiction, the R word is a very scary word. If you have been to our Family Program weekend, you are probably much less scared
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Interpersonal Boundaries

April 24, 2017

Why Boundaries Are Important As a loved one of someone grappling with addiction, interpersonal boundaries are important because one of the key features of addiction is that the person’s number one relationship shifts from their
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My mom and dad came up for the family program and they had a blast. Learned quite a bit. Alcohol runs in the family on my dad’s side so there’s knowledge in the family, but, of course, there was a different outlook provided here. They learned a lot and it was definitely beneficial to them as well as for me.

- Calgary, AB

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