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Arms Wrapped Around the City

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It felt like I was running a marathon that cool, rainy, west coast Tuesday afternoon. It was straight from the airport – hotel check-in, and transit bound. No time to spare as I was on my way to meet-up with a few alumni to get to the Langley meeting from downtown Vancouver.

I’m lucky. There are no two ways about it. I always seem to have an alumnus who’ll join me. This time was no different. We met up-town and we navigated through bustling city streets and transit seamlessly. We made our way to Langara where we’d meet up with our fellow comrade and driver. It was prime time, people time. They were everywhere.

Another trusty alumnus met up with us so we didn’t have to walk in the rain to far… so sweet. We pushed through the rush hour traffic in his truck, which I don’t think my small town roots will ever get used to. EVER.

As we trucked through the city I had to make a few on the spot decisions that involved saving a life… it was almost surreal at the moment. I will always do whatever it takes. One wants to wrap their arms around that person and infuse love in their hearts. Mental health and wellness are tied so deep in addiction and recovery. It is no joke.

That night I shared the experience with our other brothers at our Langley support meeting. It was heavy for some, but many of them had been there before. The circle of men dug deep inside themselves and they shared vulnerably. They shared the good and the bad. Many of our guys at that meeting have years of sobriety under their belts, but still, life happens and the support group helps provide the on-going support one needs.

The trip back into the city that night was adorned by more wet weather, but the beautiful part was the way the city lights sparkle at night. In the distance Grouse mountain all lit up, a massive soccer field lit up with a late night soccer match. The city is always busy. The city never sleeps. I would lay my head on the pillow that night in reflection – knowing that somewhere out there people were saving lives and that we needed to continue to save them.

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