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An Olive Branch


December is usually a month supposed to be full of joy for me. But as BC saw a multitude of overdoses and overdose-related deaths, this past December just wasn’t that joyful.

In the midst of it all, we lost another brother. I hate it. It’s devastating. Addiction is nothing to ignore. Mental health is nothing to ignore. Seeing the anguish of those parents broke my heart – it won’t leave them. That loss is theirs forever now.

The emergency is real. I wish that every single person could be familiar with Suboxone and Naloxone. It’s what’s saving people. It can be the difference between a family losing a parent, a child, a grandchild, or a friend. These are people with families.

I’m devastated. I’m frustrated. I’m angry. There’s such a nasty stigma attached to the addiction community. We must love, support, and care for each other. I look back at my life and my addiction and I made it – I made it through the Russian Roulette I was playing. There is ALWAYS hope for a wonderful life without substances.

I understand that people have to want to help themselves, but is it not fair to offer an olive branch until they chose? To offer life no matter how many times they dance with fate? My answer will always be YES. Every life matters.

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