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An Okanagan Treat

kelowna alcohol treatmentAgain lots of wonderful things to share from my stay in our beautiful BC Interior. I had a client and his wife pick me up from the airport. Big hugs are the best way to be greeted anywhere, I say. It’s always great seeing familiar faces.

Sunday Support Meeting

We changed up the date so I could participate in the local BC SCHC support meeting. We have a new and wonderful facilitator, Byron. He brings some special expertise to the group. The group lasted almost it’s full 2 hours. One of the more memorable parts was discussing the idea of making new traditions with people, in life and in general. It was a reminder that life changes and we adapt. Creating new traditions and appreciating the old are just ways to enjoy – joy. We also discussed keeping positive goals and ideas on the horizon so that when we feel a bit lost or down we still have that clear view of what we want.

Monday dinner

We met up on a warm November evening. There were 12 of us and it was, like always, great! A time to dig into some great food and to really appreciate recovery. Everyone at different stages of their recovery, but all with the same goal…to live a meaning and purposeful life full of joy and laughter. We laughed a lot that evening. We shared a lot of memories of the good times spent at the Centre. The Basil and Mint put on a fabulous spread as always. The take away is always one of hope and gratitude for the love and care that goes far deeper than you can imagine. I feel that sometimes I can’t even find the words that truly represent the feelings I have.


For the first time in 2 years of traveling to see our alumni, I was delayed with WestJet. I know I know, that’s approximately 20+ times I’ve lucked out. However, this trip we were delayed and you want to know why, I know you want to know why….The plane heading from Victoria to Kelowna hit a bird. Ya, that’s right. A bird. We weren’t delayed for long, but it was enough time for me to reflect the 3 times I’ve been up here in 2016 and how excited am I to have 2017 to look forward to. I guess it’s never goodbye, it’s a really big see ya later or chat soon!

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