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An Analogy for Addiction Recovery

The Christmas Carol – The Analogy of Addiction Recovery

Our story began like any other. It was him and I in my office – it was his exit interview and we were getting close to the end of the meeting when I noticed this bit of a twinkle in his eye. He had something he wanted to share with me, but he was hesitant. It didn’t take too much to get him to spill his beans.

The Analogy

It’s like this he says, “I came in here and it was like the ghost of recovery past visited me. I saw all the bad things I had done and the opportunities I had missed out on…my kids lives I had drank away. It was horrible, but you know what was more horrible?” he said. “Seeing the Ghost of Addiction Future…it was this lonely man sitting at the bar, no family, pain, regret, and the only future was at the bottom of the empty glass.” “BUT there’s hope!” he states. “My future can be like the scene from The Christmas Carol – where life can be wonderful if I choose it.”

I’ll let that linger with you for a bit… “if I choose it”.

Sharing his Vision

I asked him to share this story with his peers at his goodbye. Again, he was hesitant, but at the last moment he shared it. It was like a eureka moment for some of them. It was like that for me. Something that perhaps is a bit heavy, a bit sad, but there IS HOPE, and there is the chance to do and be better. It can be that story-like ending for any one of us and we all deserve that Christmas Story ending.

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