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Alumni Submission: A Client, a Calgarian, and a New Man

Back to Calgary with a healthier mind, healthier heart, healthier body and I’m excited to take on the world again! People have been asking me what is the most valuable thing I learned while at rehab. I think the notion that “sobriety” is not the goal is one that comes to mind. Sobriety is a byproduct of a meaningful and purposeful life and after a lot of soul-searching and difficult and unbelievable conversations with my counsellors, my brothers in treatment, with God, with those that I love the most and with myself, I think I am once again on the path to those things. I lost my way in the world for a while there… and I know this is just the beginning of a lifelong quest, but I feel confident. I feel content. I feel inspired. I feel loved. I feel myself… God, it’s been a long time since I could say that I actually feel like myself.

It was through this experience that I made a discovery (among many), that if I can use my struggles (both my battle with alcohol and within my profession in the arts) to help others, these struggles were not in vain. There is a light shining in the darkest of dark tunnels. I have the power to rise up and use my experiences to help leave the world a better place when it is my time to sign off. So, I just sent in my application to go back to university in hopes of becoming an addictions counsellor, specializing in working with artists; actors, dancers, musicians, etc. Because I get it — man do I ever get it! I know I still have a lot of work to do in my own life, but this idea excites me and it gives me something to strive towards. It gives me a purpose and a meaning. I think 2018 could be a really good year!

Thank you, my friends and family, for all of your generous love and encouragement. I assure you, it really gave me a monumental boost while I was here. It touched me deeply and I am endlessly grateful. You rock!

…to be continued

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