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Alumni Get-togethers & Recovery Support in Langley, BC

Dinner at Ds

Go Go Gadget Driver

It’s Thursday and it’s our Langley support meeting. I’m in downtown Vancouver and it’s a bit of a trek to get to Langley. One of our clients meets me at Beatty and Robinson and we are off to fight traffic. No. Joke.

Dinner at D’s

One of our guys planned a bit of a dinner for about 5 alumni and myself. We sat on his patio as he tried effortlessly to get the Charcoal BBQ going… at one point it was a Pyros dream. D made us juicy steaks, 2 different kinds of salads, an avocado loaf, and a stir fry. It was a great way to spend part of the day before the meeting.

Walnut Grove Community Centre

Walnut Grove Community Centre in Langley is where we host our SCHC support meetings. It was fun traveling with the 5 guys and seeing our meeting space. It’s a fully loaded rec centre and we love the meeting space we use. You could even go for a swim or workout before or after the meeting.

The Meeting

We had 13 guys and myself attend this support meeting. We did our check-ins and the discussion was fluid and captivating. We made small goals for our two week homework assignment. It’s always great to facilitate these meetings when I’m in town. The meeting ran its full 2 hours, but it didn’t feel like it. After the meeting, I walked away with this light hearted feeling that I always get after getting together with the guys – I’m blessed to enjoy my own recovery journey as well as our clients.

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