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Crisis and Addiction Treatment: Danger and Opportunity All Rolled Into One

At Sunshine Coast Health Center, we follow up with clients after they complete addiction treatment and return home. Sometimes clients receive a call from Darren, Sunshine Coast Alumni Coordinator, while other times it’s an email inviting them to participate in an alumni program called Online Support. Online Support allows clients to continue to explore their addiction and stay connected with Sunshine Coast staff.


Recently, alumni who participated in Online Support explored the meaning of ‘Hitting Bottom.’ The alumni who responded seemed to have one of two opinions on how they interpreted hitting their bottom. Many said it was a ‘bad’ thing. These alumni told us that they really didn’t think about their bottom because it wasn’t important, that they were afraid of returning there, or that it was a horrible place to be avoided at all costs. But many alumni actually told us that hitting bottom was a ‘good’ thing. They said that they now appreciate that hitting bottom was a necessary stage that allowed them to live a better life.


Here’s the fascinating thing we noticed: almost all the alumni who are doing well or thriving in their recovery said that hitting bottom was a good thing. Almost all the alumni who were struggling said that the only meaning that hitting bottom had for them was to scare them.


‘Hitting bottom’ is, for people that have addictions, a ‘crisis’ that impacts health, family, and career. Merriam-Webster defines crisis as a ‘decisive moment’ or ‘a state of affairs with the distinct possibility of a highly undesirable outcome.’ The Chinese, however, see it a bit differently. In fact, the Chinese word weiji (translated as “crisis”) is composed of wei meaning danger and ji meaning opportunity.


So, if you or a loved one is struggling with drugs or alcohol and are considering addiction treatment, you may want to consider the possibility that this ‘curse’ is in fact a blessing in disguise that can be the start of a life filled with new opportunity and personal growth.

Sunshine Coast Health Center is a private alcohol and drug addiction treatment center for adult men located on Canada’s Sunshine Coast. For more information call Admissions toll-free at 1(866)487-9010.

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