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John’s 4 Year Soberversary

Courageous is just one of the words I use to describe John and his recovery. I’ll also use determined, motivated, goal-driven, and compassionate. I applaud his ability to really know himself and what he needs.

John and I have stayed very close in his four years post-treatment from Sunshine Coast Health Centre. He has been the steady Eddie in Calgary. In the beginning, he helped launch our support meetings in Calgary, being the glue that kept that group together while we went through our growing pains. He’s the guy you always want on your side and the one who you can count on.

John and I recently celebrated his four-year soberversary at our favourite dinner spot in Calgary, The Native Tongue. We didn’t enjoy margaritas, no. But we enjoyed Topa Chico (Mineral water) with lime, tostadas, and soft tacos.

John is the epitome of what a solid recovery looks like. He attends our exclusive alumni SCHC support meetings. He is going back to school, has a weekend job, and still enjoys his hobbies like going to concerts. He really knows himself and what works for him. He is also truthful about his struggles and that it isn’t always a cakewalk. There are many down and dark days, but it’s really how he copes through them that matter – life is a series of ups and downs.

So, I raise my sparkling water and wish you a Happy Soberversary, John! I’m proud to call you a brother and for always making time for me and your SCHC peers. So much love to you.

Since 2011, Jaymie has worked with clients at Sunshine Coast Health Center, creating an environment for clients that supports their needs. Jaymie has also battled and conquered substance abuse issues of her own and understands the dynamics of what it takes to be successful, healthy and happy. In 2011 she received an Addiction’s Careworker Diploma through McMaster University and continues to pursue her education in Counselling Psychology.

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Meaning and purpose go hand-in-hand right. To have meaning or purpose means I wake up every morning knowing I kiss my wife good morning and I'm a husband to her and a father to my son. I'm just trying to be as good as myself and take action in the roles that I've put myself into because I asked my wife to marry me and we had a son, my little man. I want to be the best father account for him. Waking up with meaning and purpose and knowing that those are my jobs and that those will always come first matter no what happens at work and no matter what happens with anything else, I can't lose.

- Sean

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