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Alumni Submission: A Client, a Calgarian, and a New Man

Back to Calgary with a healthier mind, healthier heart, healthier body and I’m excited to take on the world again! People have been asking me what is the most valuable thing I learned while at rehab. I think the notion that “sobriety” is not the goal is one that comes to mind. Sobriety is a byproduct of a meaningful and purposeful life and after a lot of soul-searching and difficult and unbelievable conversations with my counsellors, my brothers in treatment, with God, with those that I love the most and with myself, I think I am once again on the path to those things. I lost my way in the world for a while there… and I know this is just the beginning of a lifelong quest, but I feel confident. I feel content. I feel inspired. I feel loved. I feel myself… God, it’s been a long time since I could say that I actually feel like myself.

It was through this experience that I made a discovery (among many), that if I can use my struggles (both my battle with alcohol and within my profession in the arts) to help others, these struggles were not in vain. There is a light shining in the darkest of dark tunnels. I have the power to rise up and use my experiences to help leave the world a better place when it is my time to sign off. So, I just sent in my application to go back to university in hopes of becoming an addictions counsellor, specializing in working with artists; actors, dancers, musicians, etc. Because I get it — man do I ever get it! I know I still have a lot of work to do on my own life, but this idea excites me and it gives me something to strive towards. It gives me a purpose and a meaning. I think 2018 could be a really good year!

Thank you, my friends and family, for all of your generous love and encouragement. I assure you, it really gave me a monumental boost while I was here. It touched me deeply and I am endlessly grateful. You rock!

…to be continued

Since 2011, Jaymie has worked with clients at Sunshine Coast Health Center, creating an environment for clients that supports their needs. Jaymie has also battled and conquered substance abuse issues of her own and understands the dynamics of what it takes to be successful, healthy and happy. In 2011 she received an Addiction’s Careworker Diploma through McMaster University and continues to pursue her education in Counselling Psychology.

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Thank you so much! The alumni emails are one of the pieces of the puzzle that I am using to keep our family moving forward. I know that we don’t talk often, but the support is very much appreciated.

- Sharon

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