Hanging with the Hooligans and Having Fun

After our very emotional,  thought-provoking, deep sharing, and vulnerable support meeting, four of us decided to go for some dinner. As we strolled down the street It felt like we were the good kind of gang – almost like the Island of misfit toys in that timeless Christmas classic, Rudolph.  It feels great to be a part of something that spreads from city to city and from coast to coast, sometimes overwhelming when you think of the scope of it and the large land mass.

Google maps helped us find a reasonably close spot; the air was chilly for April. We were all a little perplexed as the menu was in Italian (mostly) and our server was actually from Milan Italy. We chuckled at one another’s awkwardness with the menu and that one client had to share his reading glasses with another – bite the bullet man, buy those glasses!

Just a little reminder that being comfortable is most often easier, yet it is about pushing through hesitation and uncertainty to experience life on life’s terms.  To get out of our bubbles! Explore, try new things, live in the moment, be present.

We had a great time. We were the only crew in that trendy little restaurant that had sparkling waters not glasses of wine and that was fabulously ok and it was fabulously us. We raised those sparkling waters, “here’s to connection, support, recovery and love”.

Salute my friends and brothers, salute!

Since 2011, Jaymie has worked with clients at Sunshine Coast Health Center, creating an environment for clients that supports their needs. Jaymie has also battled and conquered substance abuse issues of her own and understands the dynamics of what it takes to be successful, healthy and happy. In 2011 she received an Addiction’s Careworker Diploma through McMaster University and continues to pursue her education in Counselling Psychology.

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I wanted to thank you for the hospitality afforded me during my stay on campus. It was a treat to get to see and hang out with everyone. You folks are doing good and powerful work there. You're changing people's lives and creating hope where despair and desperation had ruled. I will never forget you for giving me my life back and facilitating the relationship with my God that saved my life. I love you all– each and every one of you for giving so much of yourselves to save me and the many other fortunate clients who have been blessed by spending time with you all.

- Monroe, WA

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