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New Westminster Alumni Dinner

I heard them loud and clear. I was told that it was hard for some of our guys to push against traffic to get to the Downtown dinners – especially those that lived anywhere past Surrey. So, I listened. We moved our dinner to New West, by the sky train, and in the middle. I believe in fairness and in ‘meeting in the middle.’ I can’t even fathom the traffic that people endure day after day here. Crazy making at best, I’m sure.

This dinner was a hard one for me. A close client passed away and he was the one who would make it to every alumni event, he would meet-up with me for coffee or a chat, drive me home after the dinners, and we talked a lot. He’d call me ‘Jaymie-boo’ which I found extremely amusing – as did he, I am sure…

So, we raised our sparkling waters that night and pledged in supporting one another and ourselves better. It was in lieu of his ongoing support and advocacy for the SCHC support meetings in Vancouver and Langley.

It was one of the largest Vancouver meet-ups. It was bustling with laughter, people excited to see others they haven’t seen in a while, it was love and comradery.  It was GREAT! A few of us stuck behind and enjoyed some java and talked about how life is in recovery.

It was time well spent that night. I left with my leftovers, a skip in my step, a grin that was ear to ear, and a full love tank. Imagine 30+ men doing well in their recovery and that is enough to make anyone believe it can and has been done. It is ongoing and has bumps along the way, but it is so worth the journey.

“Just keep swimming” – to quote Finding Nemo

Since 2011, Jaymie has worked with clients at Sunshine Coast Health Center, creating an environment for clients that supports their needs. Jaymie has also battled and conquered substance abuse issues of her own and understands the dynamics of what it takes to be successful, healthy and happy. In 2011 she received an Addiction’s Careworker Diploma through McMaster University and continues to pursue her education in Counselling Psychology.

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Thank you for everything you’ve done. You’ve truly gone above and beyond your job description for me while Brad entered treatment. I took in the Family weekend, and Couples day, and I would definitely do it all over again.

In the beginning, I was truly ignorant to the way treatment was designed there. And in being that way, it hindered my healing process. After the weekend, I have a whole new perception on everything, my role in everything, as well as what I need to change for the future. I truly think it should be mandatory for family to take in that weekend. I know it’s not possible to enforce everyone to be present for a family weekend, but I don’t see how recovery can be successful if they don’t.

- Jennifer

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