Alumni Creation: And So We Stand

And so we stand, Together, this band of brothers.
United by grief, suffering, hopes, and dreams of a future unbound. We are Bound by the ties of love for others,
But despise for ourselves – these men we have become.
We live together, and laugh together,
But don’t know where we fit in this world.
We can see the horizon, the elusive creature that it is,
Somewhere in the distance that we long to be a part of, Fleeting, and ever moving, further and further away from us. Such is our life my friend.
Our lives are like the waves in the sea of humanity, constantly knocking us down as we fight to stay upon our feet despite the forces of nature we can’t seem to find peace with.
Why must we fight?
Why do we feel forced to be at constant odds with the waves we should just let wash over us?
We, this so-called 10%,
Let us find, together, my Brothers,
a Sea, a tranquil Sea, in which we can stand together, Strong and Still, against the Tempest
Let us stand, together, as one.
Today, I will stand tall, replete and satiated in my abstinence,
“a stand”, so it has been called, with my band of brothers,
Not as a maligned gaggle of men, betrothed to the fate of the 10%,
Stand, reborn, and renewed,
The 1%, risen from the ashes like the Phoenix,
Young in spirit, alive in our soul, strong of heart,
And most importantly, weathered in wisdom from our journeys through the Storms.
For man finds strange Kin, however seemingly lost and soulless,
In the moment, such is the battlefield and war within our souls.
Stand now, my brothers, look at the man next to you, 1 of your 300, and embrace your brother, with the passion you will find when you are finished with this life trial.
Wish him your best, not luck, chance, or willfulness becoming circumstance,
Just the best that we can give, in this moment,
For only in connection between our souls, will you find peace, and a place in this world among the strangers.
And so, I quote to you, one last time, my Brothers
“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more””
Go forward, with whatever high power you might find, and go with peace in your mind and love in your heart.

– September 2017 Alumnus

Since 2011, Jaymie has worked with clients at Sunshine Coast Health Center, creating an environment for clients that supports their needs. Jaymie has also battled and conquered substance abuse issues of her own and understands the dynamics of what it takes to be successful, healthy and happy. In 2011 she received an Addiction’s Careworker Diploma through McMaster University and continues to pursue her education in Counselling Psychology.

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The family component fits beautifully with a holistic approach to addiction treatment and it would be incomplete without it. I found it very useful to me personally, and I know that it will help me to support Glen in his recovery in a productive way. I found the information enlightening, the skills practical, and the warm camaraderie with people who had been through the same sort of thing a great source of comfort. I find myself with a new sense of calm, and confidence in our future, that I haven’t felt in a long time. I would recommend this program to anyone with addiction in their life. In fact, Glen and I have talked about how useful it would be for most anyone, regardless of the addiction component.

- Brenda

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