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Gone but not Forgotten: Remembering at SCHC

With Remembrance Day approaching, I was reminded of a tribute that has been taking place here at SCHC…

drug rehab program vancouver bcSome time ago, I began to notice a small collection of boulders piled atop the beach hill. These suckers were no joke. Most were upwards of 50lbs and clearly carried up the hill from the beach some 120ft below. I thought to myself, there must be a real keener looking for some extra weight while doing some hill climbs. Over the course of the next few weeks, the pile grew steadily. I was impressed at the commitment level displayed by whoever was responsible for this effort, but didn’t fully understand what was occurring until one night at dinner.

When I finally overheard a conversation discussing the rock pile, I immediately perked up. I inquired as to who had been doing all the heavy lifting, figuring I was looking for some gym rat. Instead, the client who offered his hand was a retired military member in his 60’s. He explained that he and a few other soldiers, both active and retired, planned to add a boulder for every service member who lost their life during Canada’s military action in Afghanistan. I was blown away. This was not simply the remnants of a workout, but a thoughtful way to pay tribute to each soldier’s great sacrifice.  

Those who began this great initiative have since headed home. What they started, their SCHC brothers will complete. In an effort to complete this monument, we will spend one afternoon trudging up and down the beach hill as many times as is necessary. In total, there will be 159 lives represented for us to continually give thanks to. While they are gone, they are not forgotten.

Kye has been an employee at Sunshine Coast Health Center since 2008. He enjoys the challenge of working with the diverse spectrum of clients found at Sunshine Coast and has enjoyed working in a program that values physical fitness as part of an overall focus on wellness. Kye is a graduate of Seattle Pacific University in the field of Exercise Science and has worked in both Washington State and British Columbia in a variety of outpatient clinical settings.

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