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Family Services: Support for Family, Friends and Partners
The Family Program is of essential benefit to loved ones of people with addictions so that they can learn about addiction, understand the impact of addiction on their relationships, begin the process of healing from emotional burn-out, and focus on how to prepare for life after their loved one completes residential treatment. The atmosphere of the Family Program is a supportive environment whereby family members and partners learn how to begin their journeys of healing. Individuals do not have to share close personal details if they do not want to and they will not be labeled or told that they have a dysfunction themselves.

Family Intervention: Getting Help for a Loved One Who Won't Stop Using Drugs or Alcohol
Do you have a loved one who refuses to get help for a drug or alcohol problem? Then this guide is for you. This 20 page guide explores the myth of "hitting bottom"; why nagging, pleading and threatening doesn't work; how to tell the difference between substance abuse and addiction; why hiring an interventionist is money well spent, a list of recommended interventionists, printed and online intervention resources, and more!

Avoiding Code Red: 5 Ways to Stop Intoxicated Family Members from Ruining the Holidays and Special Events
When you combine the three factors of anxiety, family dysfunction, and alcohol it's little wonder why some families come to dread the holidays. Intoxicated individuals often create embarrassing scenes and play the leading roles in the resulting chaos. The unpredictable nature of people who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol makes taking decisive action difficult. If this sounds familiar, odds are you are not alone.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to help make it through the holidays. If you have a 'problem' relative or family member who has become the bane of weddings, barbecue's and holidays, then this short guide is designed for you. This guide will offer options so that you do not have to be held hostage by the unruly behaviour of others during family gatherings.


Our full-colour 4" x 9" Sunshine Coast corporate brochure includes information on treatment philosophy, program highlights, facility amenities, and more!


Sunshine Coast Health Center recognizes that clients, families and therapists want to make an informed choice when it comes to residential addiction treatment. They want to know what programs and services we have to offer and what one can expect while in treatment. With this 20-page brochure, individuals considering our program now have a detailed description of our programs and services from a clinical perspective.



Our experience working with clients over the years is that, in the excitement of returning home, many clients forget how important it is to use the tools and support developed during treatment for the difficult transition and ongoing challenge of life after treatment. This brochure helps clients and families keep track of post-treatment services so that they can begin to replace the protective ‘bubble’ of residential treatment with an alternative structure at home.



The Co-Morbid Operational Stress Injury and Substance Dependence Treatment Program brochure highlights the main features of the Sunshine Coast trauma program.


Drugs of Abuse: an Identification Guide is a publication designed to inform families, employers, health professionals and educators not familiar with the vast array of abused drugs now commonplace in our communities.

You Are the Key: 10 Steps for Employers to a Drug-free Workplace is a free publication designed to help small- to medium-sized employers develop, implement and maintain a drug-free workplace program.

Sunshine Coast Health Center corporate brochure
Sunshine Coast Health Centre family services brochure
Sunshine Coast Health Center Operational Stress Injury brochure
Sunshine Coast Health Center post-treatment services brochure
Drugs of Abuse: an Identification Guide copies*
You Are The Key: 10 Steps for Employers
Family Intervention: Getting Help for a Loved One..
(*) Note: Orders of the Drugs of Abuse guide, You Are the Key and Family Intervention totalling 6 brochures are complimentary. A cost-recovery fee of $0.75 will be invoiced for each additional copy. Sunshine Coast Health Center offers the following brochures on a complimentary basis: (1) corporate, (2) family services, (3) Operational Stress Injury, and (4) post-treatment services.
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