Four Core Principles – Addiction According to Meaning Therapists (5 of 5)

Over the past four videos in this series on Addiction According to Meaning Therapists, Geoff Thompson has been reviewing the work of meaning-oriented therapists Jonathan Diamond, Jefferson Singer, Kirk Schneider and James Crumbaugh. Their work is by no means identical, but all of these therapists share four core principles:

1. We must treat the whole human being. Human beings are complex and unique. We are not going to separate out their addiction and forget the person with the addiction. Therefore, we don’t treat the addict, we treat the person.
2. You must connect with others. In this era of neuroscience, we are finding that humans are ‘hardwired’ to be in relationship with other people. Evolution has created us this way.
3. You must live life. We need to do something in our recovery. We need to put it into practice. We need to experience life fully. Taking risks is part of recovery. All of these therapists we highlighted in this five-part series pointed out that dangers of isolating and being a couch potato.
4. Start looking at positive things in life. Stop dwelling on negativity. This point reminds us of the importance of attitude. Build your resilience, or what Dr. Frankl calls the defiant human spirit.

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(From a mother of a former client)

Hello! I have moved into my own place — finally — left Josh on his own, but I’m only 45 minutes away! I think he has done really well and coming up to 1 year on July 18th. He has stayed in touch with several of the “guys” — Shane has been a worry — “up and down” and in and out of “trouble” with drugs. I give Josh a lot of credit for being supportive. I’m so grateful to all of the people at SCHC who helped me getting Josh there and all of the follow up help — Sara is a real “gem”!

Calgary, AB

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